DOWDING METALCRAFT or The Fire Grate Factory is a family run business that has been established for more than 30 years. We are acknowledged as the leading manufacturer of a famous range of reproduction fire grates, fenders and fire dogs. Our products are available for both retail and trade clients and are supplied nationally and internationally.

We have a wide range of standard fire grate designs. Our traditional fire grates have evolved over many years from research at museums and antique houses from this country, Europe and the U.S.A. These fire grates were originally intended for a real life fire, but all can be converted. Our modern fire grates would enhance any home.

In addition to our standard designs, Dowding Metalcraft offers a custom-built fire grate service. With our expertise and extensive pattern range, we can advise on materials and construction and meet your individual requirements.

We also produce a variety of different fenders and fire dogs. Dowding Metalcraft supplies a range of hoods, canopies and internal gathers, all to suit your own fireplace.

Our products are individually designed and made here at Dowding Metalcraft by our own skilled craftsmen including the fitting, polishing, assembly and lacquering. All are made to the same exacting high standard.

Complete our contact form for further information or call us on 01268 684205 or email on dowdingmetalcraft@gmail.com.