All our products are individually made from materials sourced in the UK and are produced to the highest of standards. Also, as a small firm, we can make almost any type of grate and fender. The examples below illustrate the scope of our work.

Restoration Work

We are able to restore items that are in a very poor condition. For example, this was an antique grate that came to us in pieces. Our client was determined to have it restored. Apart from the front of the grate, the rest was repaired, refilled, recast, reassembled and finished. It was a very long job, but we think worthwhile. Our client was very pleased with the result.

Individual client specification work

Often clients come to us with their own specifications and design. We are able to work with clients to produce grates and fenders that meet the brief set. The examples below show  work that we have completed on the basis of individual client specification.

The grate and large fender in fireplace was designed by our client. The smaller fender itself is just an example of how a fender can look in a different place than home. Our ranges go from internal gathers to curved, to sizes required, any work dealing with fireplaces and surrounds, which all can be CUSTOM built to your requirements.